Jun 2018

MOCI Back 2 Track

Since the start of 2017, there had been one date on the calendar that we strenuously circled because of its immense importance and that date was the 13th of May 2017. That is because it marked the very day that the BMW M Owners Club Indonesia or MOCI decided that it's going to back to the track with its most aptly-named inaugural event of the year, the MOCI Back 2 Track 2017.


With more than 30 cars attending the event at the always-loved Sentul International Circuit, the contest to decide who is the fastest M Owner of 2017 began at 7 AM that morning.

After the much needed breakfast and short briefings in regards to the route and the rules of the game, the bout that MOCI members have been talking about non-stop since the start of the year, finally kicked off in spectacular fashion.


The core event itself was divided into three sub-competitions, namely Cornering, Slalom and the crowd-favorite Time Attack race.

At each and every of those sub-matches, the adrenaline that every MOCI racer has been keeping in storage for the good first half of the year, burst open and for the lack of a better phrase, it caused one hell of a competition.

Cheers ruptured from the crowd as the BMW Ms turned, sped and revved their ways through the track to win the coveted accolade of being the fastest BMW M driver in the country.

Equipped with their skills and sheer determination, one driver finally emerged from the pack as the winner of the MOCI Back 2 Track 2017 and that is Bro Henry HK, followed by Bro Adrian and Bro Mike Leo as the first and second runner-up, respectively.


As the event began to wrap up, not all of the attendees were ready to go home yet and a few chose to stay behind to take full advantage of the 1 on 1 coaching provided by the organizers, to try to master the track one last time and hopefully, to prepare them better for the next MOCI event that is surely to come in the near future.


All in all, it's been great, gents.

We missed you, MOCI and what an awesome party that you just threw together to welcome all of your members back to the track into the spotlight of the Indonesian motoring community, with Back 2 Track 2017