Jun 2018

MOCI Kickstarter 2017

The 11th of February 2017 is now an important part of the history of M Owners Club Indonesia (or MOCI), rightly because it marked the first time that a gathering took place in 2017.

At the Alto Restaurant in the Four Seasons Hotel of Jakarta, which has been chosen as the site for the celebration, more than 50 members and VIP guests were ceremoniously welcome as the event started on that day at 9 AM in the morning.

With MOCI members Adrian and Roby hosting the event, it began with an opening speech given by the Director of MOCI, Sony Chuhairy that is resolute yet calming, setting a wonderful tone of the event for the rest of the day.

Guided by the two very entertaining hosts, the attendees were shown a slideshow presentation, made and produced by yours truly, of MOCI events from 2016 for both nostalgic and revisional purposes.

One by one, events such as track analysis, the M cars and even comical moments from each of the event were reviewed and clearly charmed the members and guests in attendance.

In addition to the momentous speech given by the founder of MOCI, some of the attendees even came forward to the stage to tell their own personal stories from the MOCI events that they took part in, and these gave the soothing feeling of warmth that perfectly summed up the general atmosphere of this historic event.

The day then came to a close as members started to contribute to MOCI's treasury and lunch was served as murmur of conversations from the guests started to merge with the sound of clinking plates and cutlery.

It could not have ended more beautifully, and serenely.