Jun 2018

Lamborghini Giro Indonesia - Renaissance Del Toro

One of the best parts about being part of a car community is being able to go on nice long drives as a group. This is exactly what Lamborghini Club Indonesia (LCI) set out to do.

The event was called Lamborghini Giro Indonesia – Renaissance Del Toro which means “renaissance of the bull”. This is meant to signify LCI’s comeback as a group after a short hiatus. From the 9th – 11th of March 2018, LCI arranged a tour starting from Jakarta – Cirebon – Bandung – Jakarta. Around 40 vivacious Lamborghini’s joined us for this great event, stopping at various historical and traditional landmarks along the way.


The first major stop was Cirebon, where the members were invited to a special lunch at Keraton Kacirebonan. LCI also provided money as well as food donations to the local orphanage.


On the second day we headed to Bandung, West Java where we had the great opprtunity of visiting the historical site Gedung Sate, but not before the thirsty bulls could refill along the way.

What a great sight it was to see all the bulls lined up in front of Gedung Sate.


In the end it ended up as a successful tour around the different cities, seeing lots of new sights, experiencing many different things and to further build that sense of community.