Jun 2018

MOCI ///M Sliding Experience

Fresh off the success from the recent Back 2 Track 2017, M Owners Club Indonesia, or MOCI, decided to take advantage of the momentum and seamlessly produced another equally unique event that is the MOCI M Sliding Experience of 2017.

MOCI wasted no time in starting off the race on May 20th, 2017 because from 7 AM onward in JIExpo Kemayoran's parking lot, M Sliding Experience was firing fully on all cylinders.

As each member arrived at the site to test their cars and the track, breakfasts were served and they were soon given the routine short briefing before being drawn into groups for the 1-on-1 Slalom competition.

The objective? To emerge as their group's winner.

As we predicted, the contest was extremely tight and tough as each car weaved their ways within the track and we realized at that moment, everyone was enjoying themselves so much that it did not seem to matter on who are going to come out on top of their groups.

Nonetheless, there needed to be winners and once they were announced, the last but not the least part of the show finally began, the Drift Clinic. Guided by some of the more senior MOCI members with deep understanding of how the BMW M works, attendees began to put their new-found drifting knowledge to the test.

The one inescapable fact made apparent by this event is that all of the driver enjoyed being in their cars, on that track, on that day. That in itself, is a victory for everyone involved in MOCI M Sliding Experience 2017.

And at the end, they all drifted happily ever after.